Nouvelles et annonces

Créé mar, déc 3 @ 3:12 pm
Over the past year, PLEI Connect facilitated and delivered a series of six webinars and web labs to demonstrate how technology can be applied to create, deliver and evaluate Public Legal Education and Information. The content was a collaborative creation of many PLEI groups and content experts... Plus
Créé mar, nov 12 @ 2:16 pm
If your group produces legal information for the public, you’ll want to bookmark this new resource, Better Legal Information Handbook: Practical Tips for Community Workers. Produced by CLEO (... Plus
Créé mer, aoû 21 @ 9:05 am
The Public Legal Education Association of Canada is having their annual meeting in Vancouver this year. On October 9-10, 2013, there will be a forum open to everyone with an interest in public legal education - PLEI providers, funders, community workers, advocates, individuals. The forum is being... Plus
Créé mer, juin 19 @ 7:06 am
Yesterday's Webinars (June 18, 2013) are now available for viewing on the PLEIConnect You Tube Channel at: Webinar #6 - English: Webinar #6 -... Plus
Créé mar, juin 11 @ 1:06 pm
Pour nos derniers webinaire et web lab, nous vous avons demandé de vous prononcer sur le sujet qui devrait être abordé. En nette majorité, vous avez choisi que nous allions aborder la question des outils d’évaluation en ligne. Webinaire — mardi 18 juin L’évolution très rapide de l’environnement... Plus