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There is still space available in this month's web lab on the subject of PLEI for mobile.

PLEI Connect - 3rd Web lab: PLE for Mobile - Tuesday January 29, 2013 at 9:30 AM PST / 12:30 PM EST.

Mobile traffic is growing exponentially these days (just in 2012, it tripled in the USA). Are we ready to cater to mobile users on our PLEI websites? Do we need to? Do you go for an app or do you adapt your website for mobile? And what exactly is a QR Code? We’ll discuss these issues and many more with our friends at Legal Services Society in BC and the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

During this week's webinar, Nate Prosser, Frazer Slack and John Simpson from Legal Services Society in BC provided an overview on their experience with developing websites for mobile use and their use of QR Codes. We also heard from Ryan Day, Youth Program Coordinator and Kristy Rhyason, Communications Coordinator from the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) about their experience developing a public legal education mobile app.

During this week’s English web lab, our presenters from the webinar will lead a discussion on strategies and tools. PLEI Connect web labs are interactive online workshops where all participants will be encouraged to share their experiences using or planning to develop mobile site/tools. Space is limited for the web lab, so register now, and come prepared to participate! Please note that we ask that web lab participants register participate in, or watch a recording of the webinar before the web lab so that everyone is familiar with the topics discussed the week before. To watch and listen to an archived recording of this webinar visit:

To register, please visit:

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