Best Practices for creating, delivering and evaluating PLEI

Over the past year, PLEI Connect facilitated and delivered a series of six webinars and web labs to demonstrate how technology can be applied to create, deliver and evaluate Public Legal Education and Information. The content was a collaborative creation of many PLEI groups and content experts across Canada. The best practices from these sessions were compiled by the PLEI Connect group and are now available for you on the Best Practices page. The webinars and web labs have also been archived and you can link to those as well if you would like to watch them in their entirety or view particular portions to add context to any of the best practices listed.

A huge thank you to everyone who organized, facilitated, participated and shared. The product of all this hard (and enjoyable) work has led to the creation of some fantastic resources, which we are hoping will serve as a good foundation for you all to provide your own best practices or experiences through online comments.

Please feel free to share the information through email or print and help us build the PLEI Connect membership by referring anyone to the site who you think would benefit.

The Best Practices include:

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